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Bilde av Olav Schewe

About me

I am interested in how we can use insights from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to improve learning, teaching, and educational technology. I share these insights through writing, public speaking, and consulting.

My most recent book, Learn Like a Pro, written together with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Barbara Oakley focuses on neuroscientific strategies to learn anything, and is geared towards all learners. It's also available as a free edX course. My first book on effective learning, Super Student, is geared towards high school and college students and is a synthesis of evidence-based strategies and best practices for student success.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Oxford where I focus on learning-to-learn programs and learning in digital environments. My research is supported by the Norwegian Research Council and the publishing house Aschehoug, where I am also engaged as a learning scientist and involved in development of digital learning products.

As a visiting doctoral fellow of Harvard University's Next Level lab, I'm part of a team researching the use of strategies to overcome fear, anger and other emotional challenges in education and the workplace. 

From before, I hold a BSc in Economics from NHH and an MBA from the University of Oxford, and I've worked for a number of years in financial management for EY, Hydro, Statkraft, and DNV in Oslo, London, and Singapore. 
When I'm not working, I like to explore the world, learn new things, read, and spend time in nature.

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Books and courses on learning


A book for learners of all ages containing the best and most updated advice on learning from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Cover of the book "Learn Like a Pro"


Available in 22 languages, Super Student synthesizes the best advice on how to learn effectively and get better results in college and high school.

Cover of the book "Super Student"


The online course version of Learn Like a Pro. 75 minutes of videos + active exercises. Join the  a community of likeminded learners on edX.og. 

Cover photo for the edX course "Learn Like a Pro"
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