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I am interested in how we can use insights from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to improve learning, teaching, and educational technology. I share these insights through writing, public speaking, and consulting.

My most recent book, Learn Like a Pro, written together with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Barbara Oakley focuses on neuroscientific strategies to learn anything, and is geared towards all learners. It's also available as a free edX course. My first book on effective learning, Super Student, is geared towards high school and college students and is a synthesis of evidence-based strategies and best practices for student success.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Oxford where I focus on learning-to-learn programs and learning in digital environments. My research is supported by the Norwegian Research Council and the publishing house Aschehoug, where I am also engaged as a learning scientist and involved in development of digital learning products.

As a visiting doctoral fellow of Harvard University's Next Level lab, I'm part of a team researching the use of strategies to overcome fear, anger and other emotional challenges in education and the workplace. 

From before, I hold a BSc in Economics from NHH and an MBA from the University of Oxford, and I've worked for a number of years in financial management for EY, Hydro, Statkraft, and DNV in Oslo, London, and Singapore. 
When I'm not working, I like to explore the world, learn new things, read, and spend time in nature.

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