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In today's fast paced world, the ability to learn effectively has become more important than ever. 

I speak on how the brain works and how we can learn more effectively. The content is based on neuroscience and educational psychology, presented in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.


Informative, relevant, clear and entertaining. I would highly recommend Olav as a speaker.

Åsmund Furuseth, CEO Kahoot

To-the-point workshop with many interesting takeaways on how I and my team can work differently to learn faster and train new employees more effectively. 

Geir Atle Bore, CEO Fundingpartner

Very inspiring and motivating! Lots of good advice and it was easy to relate to the speaker and the examples provided.


Super lecture that inspired both students and teachers. Content was presented in an entertaining way and students were given several ideas on how they can study more effectively.

High school teacher

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