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Public Speaking

I deliver keynotes and workshops around the world, and virtually, on how to use insights from neuroscience and psychology to improve productivity, learning, and teaching.

Common Topics

Companies & organizations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting everyone's work life. How does AI change jobs, and what advantages does the human brain have when facing AI? What can employees do to adapt to the new reality and stay one step ahead?

Based on research in technology, AI, and neuroscience, participants will receive an engaging presentation that includes practical tools they can immediately implement.

AI is here – How to stay one step ahead 

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The human brain is more powerful than the most advanced computer in existence. And thanks to neuroscience and psychology, we now know much more about how the brain works and what we can do to learn new skills faster, improve focus, innovate more effectively, or increase well-being and motivation. In this presentation, participants will gain fascinating insights and techniques that they can immediately apply to become more productive at work.

Peak performance: Focused & productive 

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Organizations that succeed in learning are more profitable, better at adapting, and have more satisfied employees. The ability to learn is often referred to as the only sustainable competitive advantage.

In this presentation, participants will learn what they can do to learn effectively so they can increase their own and their organization's competence and keep up with developments.

How to learn like a pro

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If you wish for a different keynote than those listed here, please get in touch, and I will quickly provide feedback on whether I might be the right person for the job.

Other topic?

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Schools & universities



Good study habits and study techniques are one of the most important factors for succeeding in education and lifelong learning. In this presentation, students will receive a thorough introduction to what happens in the brain when they are learning and a variety of strategies they can use to learn effectively.

Become a super student with effective learning techniques 

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In this presentation, teachers receive a comprehensive introduction to how the brain learns best and how they can utilize insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to create better learning experiences for their students.

The course provides a blend of fascinating insights and concrete tools that teachers can use to teach in a way that promotes deep and lasting learning across different skill levels.

Teach like a pro

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In this presentation, students learn how to prepare for an exam as effectively as possible through planning and the use of evidence-based study techniques.

They also learn techniques they can apply during the actual exam to manage their time, provide good answers, and succeed with tasks that may initially appear unsolvable.

How to succeed with exams and tests

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Students who use good study techniques learn more, achieve better results, and are more motivated. Perhaps that's why the EU calls "learning to learn" a core competency. In this course, teachers receive a comprehensive introduction to how they can teach students to learn by promoting students' metacognition (reflection on their own learning) and the use of various learning strategies.

Helping others learn how to learn

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Olav Schewe som holder foredrag

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"Informative, relevant, clear, and entertaining. Olav's presentation on effective learning is highly recommended." 


Two years ago, I attended Olav's workshop on effective learning. I had been a B-student with for a long time, but this lecture was really a great inspiration to me. Within a few months, I dropped the "get through the book as quickly as possible" study technique and started using the various study techniques he presented. For the first time, I experienced a genuine understanding of the subjects, and it eventually showed in the grades as well.

Despite the fact that I worked several days a week, was heavily involved in sports and student activities, I improved my grade point average to 5.63 out of 6.00 on my transcript. It was a wonderful feeling when I was admitted to the law school!


Do you want to empower your audience with neuroscientific tools for learning and performance?

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