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Learn Like a Pro

A book for learners of all ages containing the best and most updated advice on learning from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.


"Learn Like a Pro is the book I wish I’d had when I was a student. It is jam-packed with practical, evidence-based advice for overcoming procrastination, strengthening memory, and reading more effectively. You’ll find a nugget of learning gold on every page.”--Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell is Human

“If you want to learn how to learn, I can’t think of better guides than Barbara Oakley and Olav Schewe. They transformed themselves from struggling students into master teachers, and they’ve written an unusually digestible, immediately useful book about how to build your knowledge, improve your memory, and boost your motivation to keep getting smarter."--Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again, Drive, To Sell is Human,  and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

"As both an educator and a lifelong student, I've found that most of us hack our way through when it comes to learning. We collect only an ad hoc hodgepodge of techniques that happen to cross our paths. But now I finally see the light. There's a method to optimizing our learning, a collection of best practices, and we're fools not to take on learning as a proper discipline. This book covers the leading methods in such a simple and fun way, it can't help but inspire you to jump in!"–-Eric Siegel, Ph.D., founder of Predictive Analytics World and author of Predictive Analytics

"In Learn Like a Pro, the authors provide a lively and nicely illustrated guide to specific activities that can make any of us more effective learners―and they intersperse instructive and entertaining cartoons as to why that is the case in terms of underlying neural changes in the brain."--Robert A. Bjork; Distinguished Research Professor; University of California, Los Angeles


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